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History & Tradition

     Pharmaceutical dynasty: the dynasty of Vorel chemists Coming from Northern Bohemia, settled the Bistrita Valley County since 1800, the Vorel family, represented by the physician Anton Vorel, who is considered to be the precursor of revaluation of medicinal plants in Romania, laid the foundation of GREEN PHARMACY The Vorel Royal Pharmacy was taken in turn by the son of Anton Vorel, Lascar Vorel, magister in pharmacy with studies at Vienna and by the last descendent of family Constantin Vorel. In all this period of time, from the first prescription, based on medicinal plants, which Anton Vorel recommended in the year 1851, in "The Country paper of Moldavian Principality", it was developed the dower inherited in the green pharmacy domain, so in the year 1942 it were produced 120 products , that were distributed in the whole world under the trade mark of Vorel Laboratory.


  • 26 may 1825 - the king Ioan Sandu Sturza granted by kingly testimony to the chemist Anton Vorel the right to open a drugstore for the "public facility in the physician's activities".
  • 1878 - the Vorel drugstore is managed by the Anton Vorel's son, Lascar Vorel who studied in Vienna and who obtained the title of Master of Pharmacy.
  • 1883 - Lascar Vorel received the brevet as "Tradesman for the Royal Court" and his drugstore became "Vorel Royal Pharmacy".
  • 1910 - the last descendent of Vorels, Constantin Vorel,took over the management of the Vorel Laboratory, developing the inherited contribution in the field of the green pharmacy.
  • 1923 - the production and the research develops and the complex formed of the drugstore and the laboratory became "Piatra Neamt chemical - pharmaceutical laboratory".
  • 1948 - the activity of "Vorel Laboratory" was suddenly interrupted as following the nationalisation action, so being destroyed a great scientific work in the field of the decipherment of the nature secrets.
  • 1983 - the year when it was signed the second act of birth of the famous "Vorel laboratories", by the foundation of the "Plantavorel Laboratory" destined to continue the tradition of turning to good account the "green gold"

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